Ottawa Police Hoopstars

Nominating: Sgt. Chabine Tucker, Cst. Jafeth Maseruka, Cst. Kevin Graham. I am writing this to nominate the aforementioned officers for the Police Hero Award. I believe that these officers' exemplary community service make them appropriate recipients of this award. Over the past few years, these officers have led a team of both police officers and community partners in building and maintaining relationships with many diverse and marginalized communities’ across Ottawa. The aforementioned team is famously known as the Ottawa Police Hoopstars. 

These officers volunteer their own time by attending schools, community centres and parks across the City of Ottawa, Gatineau, and other nearby towns. When doing so, they engage with youth and community members by playing basketball and other activities (i.e. organizing and fundraising holiday hampers, volleyball, skills challenges, etc.). These activities are followed by group and/or one-on-one discussions about contemporary topics and issues in policing. They promote positive youth-police interactions by building knowledge, developing skills, and fostering genuine dialogue between youth, community members, and police officers.

In the past year alone, the Ottawa Police Hoopstars have held over 50 events across the city; positively impacting thousands of youth, children and community members. I can't think of a better, more representative way to build positive relationships with our community. These officers’ efforts and contributions are notable because they have been giving his their time consistently, on a weekly-basis, even while off-duty.

Sgt. Tucker, Cst. Maseruka, and Cst. Graham: You guys are true Police Heroes.