Officer Greaves - Nomination

I would like to nominate Officer Greaves who I feel goes beyond the call of duty when he is out educating the many youth in our community about staying safe. I have 6 grand kids spread out in 3 different schools in Thunder Bay who have had the opportunity to meet Officer Greaves at their school and have shared what he taught them. This tells me he is not only giving them information but leaving an ever lasting impression on the youth. - Kelly Hilton, Thunder Bay

As a Scout Leader and Group Commissioner at the 15th Fort William I got a personal look at Officer Greaves presentation when he attended a Scout meeting to teach the boys about street safety, internet safety, the many groups kids are joining on the internet and drug safety. The information he shared was outstanding, the resource material he left them with was not only great for the youth but for parents as well. He has a true gift in his presentations to the youth that will surely stay with them and not forgotten.