2022 Nominees

Brent Gretzky, Ontario Provincial Police (2)

Sergeant Brent Gretzky, brother of Wayne Gretzky, is the best. He is a very nice man and gave me a lot of good advice about drinking and driving a few years ago. Since then, I've never gotten behind the wheel after drinking - not even after only one drink. Drive sober, drive responsibly. Thank you, Sergeant Gretzky.

Hannah Elkington, Durham Regional Police Service (17)

Hannah is the first female K-9 officer with the Durham Regional Police Service. Her Police Service Dog is Kaos. She has been involved in policing since 2010. Hannah is very a very dedicated individual who has time for everyone. She is a great example of a police officer.

Ed Sanchuk, Ontario Provincial Police (14)

This man has got to be the best police officer out there! He is always so caring and heartwarming during his video announcements. He has the biggest heart of gold! His job is not easy. And I can guarantee he doesn’t get thanked as much as he deserves! He has one of the hardest jobs ever and he does it all with focus to the situation and shows compassion to his job no matter how hard the situation may be. He deserves more than just a reward. He deserves recognition on the news.

Ed Sanchuk, Ontario Provincial Police (14)

Ed is forever giving his free time to help the community. Be it at schools, coaching or volunteering his efforts for the less fortunate at Christmas. I have seen first-hand his dedication and commitment to the community.

Albert Stewart, Ottawa Police Service

As an out-of-town visitor to Ottawa, I have had the honour of seeing Constable Albert Stewart at work in the downtown core. He is a great role model for teenagers and an asset to the Ottawa Police Service. 

Ed Sanchuk, Ontario Provincial Police (14)

Ed Sanchuk is the 2022 Police Services Hero in my books. He's always for catching the "bad guy" and forever supporting the "good guy". When it comes to community, he's a genuine "I'll do whatever I can and whatever it takes to make this happen" kind of guy!

Lauren Lombardi, Brantford Police Service (2)

Lauren is a young, caring police officer who cares for people in need.

Trevor McKenna, Hamilton Police Service (2)

I nominate Trevor McKenna of the Hamilton Police for going above and beyond the line of duty. He changed my family's life. When he was on my property looking for someone on the run, he had so much compassion for my son, who lost his father at a young age. Now, every year on my son's birthday, he comes out to see him every year. I can't thank him enough for being in our life. He has shown us that there is still good out there in a world of bad. Keep it up.

Jeff McLean, Ontario Provincial Police

Constable Jeff McLean of the Ontario Provincial Police is well known for his active participation with the Special Olympics through the Law Enforcement Torch Run. Jeff has hosted and attended many community events supporting children with disabilities in our community. He has hosted the Polar Plunge in Shelburne over the past few years. His commitment to show leadership in supporting children with disabilities goes above and beyond. Jeff is continually volunteering his time to bring awareness to those who need it the most, whether it be in schools promoting safety, or hosting the Polar Plunge and the Torch Run. He has a caring heart and his dedication to his job goes without saying. He is a hero in many ways, especially to those with disabilities.

Lauren Lombardi, Brantford Police Service (2)

Officer Lauren Lombardi deserves to win. She not only attended the scene of a incident that changed my life when I was hit crossing the road and had internal bleeding, but she also showed professionalism in how she handled me, the victim, and empathy to the elder who hit me with her car. She also followed up with me after my release from hospital and made me aware that my case was sent to the traffic department. She transported my partner, who was with me at the time and couldn't go in the ambulance and was unable to drive himself because he doesn't have a driver's license. She showed professionalism during a life changing incident for me and the person who hit me, and she went above and beyond with follow up and made sure I had the information needed for prosecution of the hit and run!

Months later I am reminded of how she went above and beyond during this and she did so like it was part of her job, although many of the things she did were not.