2022 Nominees

Marc Taraso, Halton Regional Police Service (11)

I believe that Constable Taraso is one of the hardest working traffic enforcement officers in Halton Region. He always puts the safety of all motorists as his first priority. As a resident of Oakville, I feel reassured knowing Constable Taraso is efficiently and effectively patrolling our roadways. If he sees what he thinks is a possible infraction, he is immediately investigating. I wish there were many more officers, in all police services, as committed to their careers as Constable Taraso.

William DeKoning, Ontario Provincial Police

William DeKoning saved my life! I suffer from anxiety, depression, PTSD, broken heart syndrome and paranoia. He would either call to check on me or, as he was driving by my house, he would stop in to see how I was doing. Just knowing that he cared took all the thoughts of suicide out of my head. If it weren't for him, I know I would not be here today. I owe my life to him.

Kelly Saucier, Ontario Provincial Police

Kelly Saucier of the OPP is very understanding and is the only officer who follows through on the complaints of a problem neighbour with the landlord.

Aaron Tompkins, Smiths Falls Police Service

I would like to nominate Smiths Falls Police Constable Aaron Tompkins for the 2022 Police Services Hero of the Year Award. Constable Tompkins is our Community Service Officer. He works alongside many resources to best support the people in our town. Crimestoppers, Victim Services, mental health and addiction services, food bank, schools, shelters and the health unit to name a few. Constable Tompkins has maintained his presence, involvement and support of our community throughout the pandemic and does regular interviews with our local media. He has been a reliable resource and a trusting voice. Constable Tompkins is very involved with our Special Olympics athletes. He is a swimming coach for our athletes as well, and plans activities and events with them. Our Smiths Falls Police Department focuses on “Community First”. We are so fortunate to have our own town police department.

Hannah Elkington, Durham Regional Police Service (18)

It is great to have a female K-9 officer in our Durham Regional Police force. Young girls will have a role model to look up to and realize they can be the best version of themselves. She epitomizes what beyond the call of duty means. Her community involvement is well known by Durham residents and DRP officers.

Ian Clark, Saugeen Shores Police Service (3)

Constable Ian Clark is a very caring, understanding human. He took the time to follow up with me and my family while I was in the hospital. He continues to check in on me. I can’t thank him enough for his continued support. Thank you so much, Constable Ian Clark, for your continued efforts. You deserve this prestigious award.

Stephen Meunier, Ontario Provincial Police

We are nominating our Club President as the Police Hero of 2022. He is an exceptional leader, mentor and role model we all strive to emulate. Steve is involved with our Curling Club as the President, a competitive curler and lastly the best coach our U18 girls can have. He gives his undivided time and attention to them on a daily basis and continues to ensure they are striving to do their best and achieve their goals. His dedication to these girls is so remarkable.

Steve is passionate about volunteering and giving back to his community. He volunteers with several organizations like Madd Timmins Chapter, the Canadian Police Curling Association, he is a School Board Trustee and lastly a volunteer firefighter. Always making sure that he has time for his family, his work and his community in a what he does best. He is the last one to expect recognition as he always goes above and beyond for everyone surrounding him. He is a platoon Sergeant and is always there to support his team, reminding them to stay safe, do what is right and live life to the fullest. He handles each emergency with uncompromised competence and integrity. He is the steady voice in a storm, for using courage and compassion, and for providing such a meaningful service to the OPP. He is a true hero in his community and workplace.

Jon Perrin, Ontario Provincial Police (3)

Jon Perrin is a Police Officer with the Ontario Provincial Police, working out of the City of Kawartha Lakes Detachment. Jon began his policing career in 2012. Near the end of 2017 (within a 2 month time frame), Jon located the bodies of two missing young people who had both taken their own lives by suicide (hanging). One was a young female who shared the same name as our daughter.

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Hayley Walker, Niagara Regional Police Service

I first met Detective Constable Hayley Walker back in October of 2015. Hayley is such a kind human with a huge heart. She has gone the extra mile for me time and time again. Previous to meeting Hayley, I did not trust police officers and was taught that they are mean, evil people. That's not the case at all. When I met her, I wasn’t doing well and was in unsafe conditions. Hayley saved my life. When I went to the hospital a week later, they told me that if Hayley didn’t do what she did that night, I would not have been standing in front of the doctor that day. I still speak highly of Hayley and have so much respect and love of her willingness to do what she did to help save me. I am forever grateful for her and what she did for me. Thank you to Hayley Walker and to all the other first responders.

Shawn Borgford, Brockville Police Service (6)

Sergeant Borgford is my hero because he helps those less fortunate. For example, he sees homeless individuals on the street and goes out of his way to go pick up coffee and doughnuts for them, and transport them to the warming centre. He treats everyone with respect and kindness no matter who it is.