Monique Bergeron

There are not enough words and not enough time to completely describe the difference Monique has made to the youth in our community. I met Monique at a local Windsor high school. She was the liaison officer. Two of her high schools were in high risk neighbourhoods. Many of the students came from impoverished homes. Many of our students had drug, crime and mental health issues. Monique knew them all! She spent most lunches in the building making sure our students knew they were safe with her. She would sometimes give the kids her number so they could call her whenever they needed her. 

She made them feel like they mattered when they didn't feel that way in their own world. The kids were comfortable and trusted her. Monique reminded them that they were worthy. She celebrated their triumphs and supported them through their challenges. There were a few of our kids who were very suicidal. She found them and brought them to a safe place. She saved their lives! She showed such love and compassion - it was contagious. She taught the students that the police were part of their team and not the enemy. I am not sure that she understands the impact that she has had on so many. She is very humble. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work along side this amazing woman!