Mike Anderson

In 2015, Mike Anderson took over the Peel Regional Police Master Trainer position for the Canine Unit. Since Mike has taken over the unit he has implemented some of the most influential training programs. Most recently, one of his handler teams he trained from start to finish, located a young boy who was badly injured, as a result of a tragic incident. This boy would have died within minutes if he wasn’t located. Please see article below where one of his handlers were awarded the “Life Saving Award”. 

Mike is one of the most passionate trainers and has trained over 20 Police Dogs since he’s been in the unit. A lot of the times the handlers and dog teams get recognized for all of their achievements, but without the instruction of such an incredible trainer these teams wouldn’t be apprehending or locating anyone. Anyone in the unit would be happy to support this statement. Mike is one of the most humble individuals you’ll meet and deserves this hero award for sacrificing his own personal time making sure every box is checked before these amazing teams hit the road. His experience, knowledge and commitment is goes far beyond what his position entails, but he continues to push each team to the limits making sure lives are saved and apprehensions are made in a safe and controlled environment. Mike puts public safety at the forefront during the courses with new handlers. This Master Trainer is far more than just a trainer.....he’s a leader.

Life Saving Award given to PC Kurtis and his K9 Partner Timber