Michael Lamothe, Ottawa Police Service

Sergeant Michael Lamothe and his team including detectives Mazzarotti, Paradis, Vanderwater, Quesnel and McLaughlin were instrumental in our family's plan to find our missing son/brother. We spoke everyday and went over any new developments with this professionally engaged and caring team. The plan to keep our son/brother's profile and name current and in the news, and to keep the public informed was a daily grind. This amazing team helped us focus, they covered all leads and kept us up-to-date.

They also informed us of all avenues and opportunities at every turn. Our son was missing for two months in a strange, large city that was 300 km away from our small town. The calm, the focus, the professionalism by all members of this team is what kept us together and able to function and move forward with each day, even at our darkest moment as a family. For that, we will always be grateful.

When our son/ brother’s body was recovered, this incredible team did everything they could to help me, my husband and our three devastated daughters. They made sure we understood all information that was discovered. All details were taken care of in a timely, professional and caring manner.

During our most tragic and harrowing time in our families lives, we had a team that gave us knowledge and strength, and that gave way to hope. We want to thank the leadership qualities of Sergeant Michael Lamothe and his dedicated team of detectives. You provided us with a way to focus, a way to stay strong and a way to cope when all was realized. Thank you for going above and beyond your profession and we will always be thankful to each and everyone of you.