Michael Brady, Ontario Provincial Police

I am nominating PC Brady because he has been a role model in our community for almost 50 years now as a Police Officer. He retired from Midland Police Service as a Sergeant in 2001, he was known by everyone in town and everyone knew him. He was constantly walking the beat in downtown Midland, forming lasting relationships with everyone in our community. He then came Back as a Constable with the OPP, and brought his relationships with members of our community with him, and retired for a second time in 2018, He has since come back to the road as a Part Time Officer, and is about to celebrate his 50th year as a Police Officer. He is always a pleasure to have in the office as he is always upbeat and his positive attitude is infectious. I believe that PC Brady deserves this award as he has impacted this community for the past 50 years and continues to do so with a smile on his face.