Matthew Forget

Cst Forget makes a difference! He is committed, dedicated, and loyal to his role as a member of the tactical team at Durham Regional Police Service. Moreover, he demonstrates a balanced perspective and positive outlook when dealing with members of the community on or off duty while he carries out a very difficult and challenging role in policing. In his community, he is very focused and attentive to his family and neighbours. In addition, he finds time to continue in the service of his country as a member of the Canadian Armed Forces reserves, e.g. where he is a leader and positive role model for young reservists. 

He is humble and modest in his demeanour and when he speaks to you, he is an attentive listener and positive and supportive. Whether on duty or off duty, he is a credit to the police service and to his community. Cst Forget would never seek or expect acknowledgement or recognition for any of this because he is a person of character and integrity and that is why he makes a difference!