Matt Roberts

Over the years, I feel Brantford Police Officer Roberts hasn't received the credit he deserves. As a troubled youth, this officer has made not only mine but multiple youth in the community lead to better life choices. Instead of profiling a situation, on numerous occasions he comes in with a level head and numerous times has de-escalated violent situations. He's also really good to talk to in the community and he's all about seeing youth succeed and not make poor decisions... rather than coming in hot headed, he talks to us like real human beings and he's compassionate to situations in the community as well. He also spends time on patrol checking on troubled youth seen around town. He talks with them and if someone's having a difficult time, he's always there to help and completely change a potentially bad outcome. I know others in the community can vouche the same - that this officer always goes above and beyond to help people and youth in the community no matter the situation.