Marc Taraso

I'm writing this submission to nominate Constable Marc Taraso of Halton Regional Police. I've known Marc for many years now. He used to be a community mobilization officer in my area. He was also responsible for a large portion of organization of services at public events near me. Over the years, he's personally shown great compassion and empathy towards my situation of life. 

He's helped in many ways and has offered to help advocate as well. He truly is a well meaning person and I'm very thankful for his kindness over the years. The compassion that marc shows towards those he works for and protects shows very easily with a glance at his ever growing following on Twitter. He uses the platform to not only show the ongoing effort to uphold road safety and common complaints from the community, but also to help educate current and new drivers on things may my not be away of.

In my years of knowing Marc, he's always showed compassion and great leadership skills in his roles when working and with how he interacts both with the public and his colleagues. I thinks it's Marc's ongoing to commitment and education on road safety that makes him a great candidate for the Police Hero award.