Marc Taraso (1)

I used to live in the Oakville area when Marc was a Community Mobilization Officer. He's since moved onto the traffic services unit, which is a role that he takes seriously - the effort, work and message he puts out is available for all to see on his Twitter. It has been great to watch the work Marc does both through Twitter and in person. I feel Marc's wide use of social media allows him to reach a large audience, which helps educate others on habits / laws that they shouldn't be breaking and why. 

As Marc was switching roles, I had just moved away for college. It was upon my return that I was actually homeless for a short period of time... having known Marc from his prior role, he ended up being someone that I reached out to and ran into him a few times within the community. Marc has been around when I needed him / someone to talk to, and I'm very thankful for his help and support over the years. It's Marc's genuine care of those within his community and the ongoing work he does to promote safe driving that makes him a hero in my eyes.