London Police Community Foot Patrol Team

I would like to nominate the entire London Police Community Foot Patrol Team! They work hard downtown London daily and are always great when responding to any calls within our downtown core! I am a security guard at Market Tower and they have helped me immensely along with educated me regarding some policing procedures as I am interested in pursuing a career in policing too. My hat goes off to the entire Foot Patrol team 

Superintendent Chris Newton, Cst. Josh Ryan, Cst. Joyce Spruyt, Cst. Stu Gordon, Cst. Andrew Coles, Staff Sergeant Jeff Dunham, Cst. Scott McCready, Cst. Jason Skinner, Cst. Doug Schmidt, Cst. Adam Gautreau, Sergeant Gary Strang, Cst Craig Browne, Cst. Casey Schmutz, Cst. Matt Bradley, and Cst. Kyle Lang. 

All role modes for our community.