Kimberly Cadarette (8)

Kimberly Cadarette is a hero to many in our communities. She has been actively involved in many charities and events helping young people as well as those less fortunate living on the streets of Toronto. 3 years ago she started going to Toronto, to the toughest neighborhoods to meet with those in need, listening to their stories, offering a kind smile. 

Each month she supplied 150+ lunches and and provided them with clothing and hygiene products. She is a great example for our youth, teaching kindness, respect and compassion to everyone she meets. Since starting Team Nobodys 3 years ago, she is continuing to support her cause, getting many others involved, collecting donations and spreading love and kindness. She has also been involved in many charitable organizations and events. Being a part of Big Brother/Sister, participating in Special Olympics, Ride for Heart Foundation and local food banks, continuously being a positive example and role model to those around her. She is a hero to so many, as each month the familiar faces we see on the streets of Toronto, now look for her face. Knowing she is back, to help those overlooked by society. They smile as she hands them a lunch bag, a pair if warm socks, gloves for their cold hands and a smile. Making sure they know they matter and that she will be back next month.