Kimberly Cadarette (5)

I would like to nominate Officer Cadarette for all her hard work she does in our community. Her overall personality is positive, she is easy to approach, and easy to talk to as well. She is an officer who gives a lot of her time to the community. She works hard with helping out with the Special Olympics, and even helped sponsor one of the special needs children for the event. 

Officer Cadarette has a big heart, and is always willing to help when needed in any event. Officer Kimberly goes out her way to even help her family and friends. Officer Cadarette has such a positive attitude for her work as a officer, and has inspired me now to work hard to get into the field myself.

Her devotion to helping people has lead her to helping the homeless in Toronto. On her off time she runs around collecting blankets and clothing for the homeless. She also contributed her own funds to provide food for the homeless. Officer Cadarette is the first one to say that it is the group that makes our Team Nobodys, but honestly it is all Officer Cadarette's hard work that has made our group what it is today. It is now over 50 volunteers coming out to help the homeless. She has really made a difference for our community.