Kimberly Cadarette (11)

I would like to nominate Officer Kimberly Cadarette for her outstanding contribution to the community. She is a dedicated Officer from Peel Regional Police Service, but with her time off she spends it in the community helping in various charities. 

Officer Cadarette's passion for helping others started back when she was at St. Martins Secondary School as an Officer and would go out of her way to help the kids. This led Officer Cadarette to help out with the Special Olympics for several years. And she even helped sponsor a child for the event.

Her passion for helping others has led her to helping those that are less fortunate. About 3 years ago, Kimberly started collecting clothing and food to distribute to the homeless in Toronto. With her calm approach and her ability to interact with others it became very successful. She now takes over 150 bagged lunches to Toronto and has over 50 volunteers coming out to participate with her. The group is called Team Nobody's. Even on her days off she is going around collecting food and clothing donations for the homeless. I am so glad and honored I had the opportunity to meet her and to be a part of what she does for the community.

This Officer is one of the most caring individuals I have met and I truly believe she deserves to be nominated as a community hero.