Kevin Webb, Ontario Provincial Police

I believe this nominee deserves to win the Police Services Hero of the Year award due to absolute dedication to the job 24/7, 365 days a year, an abundance of knowledge for which he shared on a day-to-day basis with colleagues, his compassionate nature, and his ability to connect with the public. Kevin Webb did not wear the badge for a sense of power, he wore it to make a difference in the community, to protect members of the community, and ultimately demonstrate the real meaning of policing. Throughout the years of his career, Kevin was able to make connections with various organizations outside of the OPP and took greatly to the idea of community involvement. Only one of many times Kevin has given back to the community with no instruction nor asking for anything in return is when he donated toys to a toy drive on his own accord.

Once Kevin Webb retired, he was elated to see the number of lives in the community he touched as they reached out and commemorated him on his years of service.

Kevin went through many trials and tribulations throughout his years of policing with many tasks, different divisions and different leadership roles, all of which he took on with grace and determination. If there was something he was not familiar with, he spent day in and day out familiarizing himself with the materials and content.

One of the many hats Kevin wore during his inaugural time as a police officer was a dad. When he wasn’t “fighting the bad guys”, he still made sure that he was there to support and love his family. I can say personally, having a police officer as a father was not always easy. The long night shifts, the calls where he was torn away from me. But, what made it all worth it is to see the smile on his face that he had truly accomplished what he set out to be: a strong, influential, hard working, determined police officer.

I really hope you consider my nomination as I believe it is very important and goes above and beyond anything he had ever imagined. He did not do the things for the community/his colleagues for recognition, he did it out of the goodness of his heart. Thank you.