Keira Brooks (13)

This is the most well deserved nomination! From the bottom of my heart, our family absolutely LOVES this woman! We met Officer Brooks several years ago when our daughters fell victim to an attempted luring situation by a strange man. It was the worst day of our lives, but it was the day we met our hero.

Officer Brooks single-handedly changed the outcome of the entire situation for us. Not only was she the most caring, kind and tender officer we had ever met (and could have hoped for in such a traumatic situation), but she was also the most tough officer that arrested the accused! She then walked our oldest daughter through every jump and hurdle, giving her the strength to take the stand in court and get the conviction we all hoped for.

She helped us through that horrible year - every step of the way - by checking in, answering questions and keeping us informed on what to expect.

Since then Keira has promoted such strength and confidence in our teenaged daughter. In fact, our daughter wants to follow in her footsteps and become a police officer herself! If this is how she has changed the life of one young girl, I can only imagine what she provides the city of Barrie on a daily basis. She is our hero!