K-9 Officer Jeff Dickson - Nomination

I truly believe that these days it is important to try to change the stigma of the police by officers spending time with young children. K9 Officer Jeff Dickson makes time to arrange and visit public schools within his district. I witnessed his interaction with the students when he introduced them to his partner Zeus. I watched children literally roll their eyes when the teacher announced two police officers were visiting the class. By the end of the visit, all the boys in the class and half the girls wanted to be a police officer when they grew up!

Officer Dickson is a single dad of two who loves his job as a parent and as a KPF officer. He is the perfect face of policing as he represents so well. I am truly impressed with this young man and feel that he (and Zeus) needs to be recognized! - Laurie Patterson, Kingston

(Photo Credit Steph Crosier, Postmedia Network)