Joylene MacNeil

I would like to nominate PC Joylene MacNeil. In 2014, Jo started the Gowns for Girls initiative to see that every girl has a gown for her prom, be it grade 8 or grade 12. She has contacted companies and suppliers to have items donated each year, such as hair up do's, make-up, swag bags filled with new cosmetics and hair brushes, and even has coffee donated to the event from Tim Hortons!

The event is promoted by the Durham Regional Police and many dresses have been donated over the years. At last years event there was an estimated 2000 gowns!

The event is amazing, filled with tears of joy and thankful girls and moms that never thought it would be possible to afford such beautiful gowns for their daughter. The event is held in a school gym in a very low income neighborhood, but all girls are welcome from Durham Region. It is truly a wonderful thing that Joylene has started.