Joe Torcivia - Nomination

During October thru December 2015, my family was in crisis. My 8 year old son was experiencing some mental health issues (anxiety). It was expressing in the forms of extreme aggression, self harm and wanting to harm me (his mother). I had to call 911 many times during this period for help. Over time I noticed the same police officers responding to my call. "Torch" was one of them.Torch stood out because he shared with me how much his division cared for my son and family. They knew he was a good boy facing an emotional issue and needed help. Being a soccer coach he also recognized that my son had played recreational soccer. I genuinely could see his concern for us. He was also the only officer that could calm my son. 3 months later. My son is getting better. No more agression or need to self harm. He is now talking out his feelings. And he still remembers Torch. He helped us during our time of crisis without judgement. He is trully one of a kind. Akosa Castro, Durham Region