Jody Fedak

I am nominating OPP Provincial Constable Jody Fedak as a community hero. I have had the opportunity to watch her career develop through the years. She has always made the community and those within it the utmost important part of her life. I have watched the numerous volunteer positions she has always stepped up with. Whether for youths, the community or a fellow Officer, Jody is always there to make a difference. My son, who was 14 at the time, started a not-for-profit organization for First Responders and Veterans suffering from PTSD. 

Jody was the first Officer to reach out to him to show him her detachment, vehicle and arranged for him to speak with other Officers to explain their outlook on the profession and problems they faced. She is a strong, caring and professional woman who is the epitome of an amazing hero and role model to those around her. This is only a small glimpse into the many changes she has made in her community and the lives of others.