Jeff Hahn

20 years ago, when a person was suffering from depression, it was not always dealt with the way it is today. My interactions with law enforcement were generally not good experiences. However, there is one officer that stands out all these years later - Jeff Hahn. He took me to the hospital - I was quiet, expecting the worse. Once in a room, I sat in the chair, assuming he would stay in the hall. He did not. Instead, he came in, hopped up on the gurney and talked and talked. A little thing to most, but to me he reinforced there are people out there that care about you. 

I think of him and that night often, all these years later. I find myself today in a similar position. I am happy to say so much has changed. I have had police involved once again, but the training provided to deal with these situations has drastically changed my experience. There are a few that still don't understand the struggle but the good outweigh the bad. Thank you. I know this is an old one but I felt Officer Hahn deserved recognition.

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