Jeff Elvish

Constable Jeff Elvish has been a dedicated member of the Thunder Bay Police Service for over two decades. The experience, patience and knowledge this outstanding officer brings to the road is an asset to everyone around him. Jeff has the ability to defuse a potentially violent or chaotic situation with a few calm words or a stern look. The passion Constable Elvish brings to the world of policing is infectious. This is an individual that genuinely wants to help people - plain and simple.

Be it someone with mental health issues having the worst day of their life, a young child lashing out at school or a dangerous criminal; Jeff will ensure everyone involved is safe, respected and treated fairly. If you're a junior cop and are fortunate enough to work with Jeff, he will offer sound guidance and advice making you a better Police Officer. Constable Elvish is an advocate for mental health and pursues additional training and education in an effort to bring a unique and effective experience in equestrian therapy to his community. Jeff has many achievements and accolades stemming from his personal life and career and expects no recognition for his deeds; that being said, I think he should stand up and be recognized. I humbly nominate Police Constable Jeff Elvish for this award.