Jason Henry - Nomination

Jason began volunteering as a Scouter with 1st Napanee Valley Scouting Group two years ago when hearing the youth were at risk of losing the opportunities they'd come to enjoy in their Cub Pack due to volunteer shortage. Jason, who already had an overflowing 'plate', threw himself into the role bringing a love of Scouting to the Pack by sharing among many other things his outdoor survival skills and introducing the pack to their new favourite adventure...Geocaching. Jason comes to the Pack with a strong sense of Community stewardship which he regularly role models for our Youth, enabling them to become contributing members of our community along the Canadian Path. Jason has made a lasting and positive impression on our children and deserves this award for all he gives as a Scouter, an active member of the police officer Union, a dedicated husband & father, and most especially for choosing this line of work. We are blessed to count him a Scouter. - Andrea Miller, Belleville