James Orr - Nomination

I nominate James Orr for Police Hero. He's my hero for fact that I was going through a hard time in my life and he and another police officer prevented me from committing suicide. They took me to the hospital and stayed with me. I had been through a tremendous amount of trauma at the time and I need help. I don't remember who the other officer was, but I remember Officer Orr. Recently, I ran into Officer Orr again after many years and I hugged him. Not too many people realized what this man did for me but I have become a much better person and understand myself better now than I ever did before. He didn't remember me, as most officers do see and go thru a lot in their daily routines as an officer, but if it wasn't for those two officers, I wouldn't be here.

My life isn't the greatest, as I currently have separated from my long time partner but I have accomplished many things and have even reconsidered policing too. I took on a career in health care to help people and make a difference. Officers like James Orr are hard to find, and yet there are many of them that don't get recognized often enough. Georgia Angelatos, Stirling Rawdon