Jacqueline Ross

We would like to nominate Officer Jacqueline Ross for this award! Jacquie has been apart of our lives for the past 4 years. Over these 4 years, our relationship with Jacquie has flourished, and we’re so happy to have her in our lives! When my sister and I were in grade 10, we were both facing many issues with our family, which affected both of us in many different ways. We both developed anxiety, and began to distance ourselves from the ones we loved due to our issues at home. 

We felt extremely unsafe going to school, being out in the community and even going to work. We were truly at a low point in our lives, and felt as though we had no one. We met Jacquie the day after our birthday, when our mom reached out to our school to help us feel more safe and secure.

Jacquie is the most positive individual we have known, from the minute we met her we knew she was going to do everything in her power to help us feel safe and happy once again. She is such a positive light, and gave us absolutely all the resources we needed to get our lives back on track and being happy like we once were.

It didn’t stop there! We talk to Jacquie all the time. We have invited her to shows, concerts, we did the MUDGIRL run together and we meet for coffee now that we are in college.

In fact, my sister and I have both chosen to enter the emergency services field due to the positive impact she has had in our lives. I am in the community and justice program at Fleming College, and my sister is in the paramedic program at Fleming College. We want to have the same impact on someone’s life that Jacquie had for us, and that has pushed us to work hard to hopefully be as impactful and positive as Jacquie is.

She is so deserving of this award... she is such a hard worker, motivated, dedicated to her community and to see success in the region she works for! With Jacquie continuing her work, we have no doubt Halton Region will be extremely successful! We love you Jacquie!!