Ian Jarvis (3)

Detective Ian Jarvis is without a doubt a hero in my eyes. The first time I met him I gave my statement about my sexual assault. He made me feel comfortable and heard. He was kind. He continued to be that person over the years and through the many court processes. He became a rock for me. 

Having his presence during interviews and trials helped to calm me and give me strength. I am certain that I wouldn't have had the courage to continue the process without Ian. Just knowing in the back of head that he was there, made all the difference for me. He constantly went above and beyond by calling to check up on me, gently pushing for counselling, being a friendly and professional supportive ear and making sure I always knew I could call him if I needed to.

Ian was someone I could trust during one of the hardest times of my life. He helped me navigate through it and helped me feel a sense of justice at the end. Most importantly, he made me feel believed.

My heart is full of respect for Ian. He is an incredible person with a big heart and he is truly deserving of this award. He is a hero because he makes the difference in victims lives. He is a hero because he cares. He is a hero because I know that I am just one of the countless amount of people whose lives he has made a huge impact on. I am so grateful and thankful to have met him. He is a hero in my life.