Heidi O'Neill

We would like to nominate Officer Heidi O’Neil for this award! We have known Heidi for 4 years now when we were just starting in high school. My sister and I were going through a very tough time in our lives where we had felt we had no one. We didn’t feel safe at school, home or in the community. Because of this, our school had introduced us to Heidi. From the moment we met Heidi we knew she would be a lifelong friend. Not only was she a positive light that we needed, but she also provided my sister and myself with a sense of security and knowing we had someone who actually supported us and cared about us. 

From this day, we have developed such a strong relationship with Heidi. My sister and I message back and forth with her all the time, we meet for coffee as often as we can, she has come to many of the shows my sister and I have been apart of, and has come to watch us in all activities we take part in.

It’s crazy to think that such a difficult moment in our life brought us someone like Heidi, but it is something we are truly thankful for. Heidi came to our grade 12 graduation and when that day came, we had her to thank because without her we may not have gotten there.

My sister and I are both in college now, studying to go into emergency services to hopefully have the same impact on people that Heidi has had on us. I’m studying at Fleming College in the paramedic program and my sister is studying community and justice services.

I couldn’t think of anyone more deserving than Heidi to receive this award. Halton would not be the same without Heidi’s constant contribution to the community. She is kind, dedicated, and goes above and beyond in everything she puts her mind too. Our lives would not be the same without her. We love you Heidi!!