Heidi O'Neill

I would like to nominate Heidi O’Neill for this award. Her dedication to her job as a high school police officer has made myself and my sister’s high school experience truly incredible and helped us grow as individuals. 

When we met Heidi, my sister and I were going through a rough time with our family and did not know who to talk to, or if we could talk to anyone. Heidi helped us through so much and made us feel safe and comfortable at school, and overall happy again. She is dedicated and committed to her job and you can tell how much she cares about her job and the people she interacts with. We are so grateful that we had someone like her to talk to, and who we still talk to now. She comes to all of our school events to support us! For these reasons, we believe Heidi would be a great candidate for this award!

Photo credit: Halton Police Twitter (@HaltonPolice)