Greg Francis, Brockville Police Service (4)

Greg has a passion for his community and always leaves a positive impression wherever he goes. Greg is our community relations officer here in Brockville. He runs the Youth In Policing Initiative (YIPI) program and goes around educating kids on the importance of internet safety and bullying. He is not an officer that is feared when seen - kids actually get excited to see him. My son decided he wanted to become an officer and was hired on to work the YIPI program with Greg. I feel Greg went over and beyond with my son at that time and still to this day. 

Aiden always came home from "work" happy and excited about something Greg showed him or had a funny story to share that was shared with him. Since working with Greg, Aiden's passion to become an officer has grown because he has seen there is so much more to being a police officer and literally wants to be just like Greg. Greg goes above and beyond his duty for his community and it has definitely hasn't gone unnoticed. From a parent, thank you, Greg, for being such a positive role model to my son. He may have just been a YIPI student to you, but to him, you became his hero!