Frank Francella

I wish to nominate my husband Frank for the police hero award. For the past two years, this dedicated officer has battled PTSD from over 20 years of service. After admitting he needed the help of his service and those qualified to deal with the injury, he was able to return to work and dedicate his life again to the Cobourg Police Service - even taking on President of the police association in order to ensure he advocates for his brothers and sisters in uniform. 

He has been a sounding board for those officers realizing that the job does take a toll and to ask for help when needed. He has been there to help not only his fellow officers but the general public.

On a Sunday afternoon, he received a call from a concerned aunt wanting information about bullying at her nieces school. Never did he say to call back another time nor wonder how this lady got his private cell number. Instead, he provided her with strategies to help. To the general public, he’s a hero for many reasons over his 20 plus years of service... but to me and our family, he’s a hero for battling an injury daily and still being an amazing husband and father.