Evan Harrison (7)

I have had the pleasure of getting to know Constable Evan Harrison over the last year with his tremendous commitment coaching my daughter on a London Devilettes hockey team. Evan has and continues to dedicate many hours a week to developing the girls on and off the ice, guiding them to becoming better people in the community. He has personally helped my daughter to become confident, self-assured and a leader among her peers. He has assisted in making the adjustment to high school a much easier one. 

Evan is caring, generous and a dedicated officer within our community, helping at schools, teaching about bullying, drugs and making good choices, while protecting the streets. Evan often visits children who are in the hospital in the hopes of giving them some cheer when they are not well. He is fair, kind, compassionate and empathetic going above and beyond to be inclusive to everyone. Evan has dealt with many personal issues, but stays focused and dedicates himself to the needs of others. Evan has become part of our family and my children look up to him. Evan is an outstanding and integral part of the community and an every day HERO!! Thank you Evan!