Evan Harrison (2)

There really is no other choice for hero of the year than Evan Harrison of the London Police Force. He has dedicated his career as a policeman to serve his community in several ways. Recently, he has been involved in working with the schools of London in teaching the students about things such as bullying, drugs etc. He also loves patrolling the streets in London so residents in the community feel safe and protected.

Not only does he give to his community as a police officer, he also coaches a competitive girls hockey team in London that consists of many nights a week in a hockey rink as well as countless hours in preparation for practices and games. Being on the coaching staff with Evan, it is great to see his total commitment to the team and the guidance he gives to the players on and off the ice.

Over the past few years, Evan has dealt with personal family issues as well as major surgery. He also became a new father and, with all that, he has still stayed dedicated and focused to the people of London, the London Police force, and keeping the community of London a safe place to reside.