Erin Morrison

I am writing to you today to nominate Erin Morrison, 911 Call Dispatcher in Peel, for a Police Hero Award. Considering the level of courage and dedication of this work force, I can imagine there is great competition for these awards. Reading about past recipients, I am in awe of their stories of saving lives and making a difference.

I cannot begin this letter outlining a particular life that Erin has saved because she has played an integral role in so many. She has been a dispatcher with Peel for 18 years, and brings a wealth of experience, professionalism and dedication to her role that is very refreshing in today’s world.

She is extremely proud of the work she does, and she strives every day to ensure her competence as part of the Police and Emergency services system. Erin’s ability to think on her feet and make important decisions quickly and wisely makes her a leader amongst her peers.

Erin has taken many different courses over the years to increase her knowledge and understanding of her role, and with great ease, she often takes on other roles to ensure that the public is never without a sound team at the other end of the phone. 

Erin’s exemplary fulfillment of her employee duties, however, is only the very base of the pillar that Erin is within the Peel 911 dispatch unit. Erin has, many times over the years, demonstrated her commitment to not only the mental health of her team members, but of her entire work force and the public at large. She repeatedly goes above and beyond to create gifts and small reminders of appreciation for her teammates. Often on her own dime - and always on her own time - Erin has made countless Self Care Kits to distribute. She has organized events to raise money for mental health and other events, including a paint night. She bonds with every team she joins as she includes everyone and is always organizing team meals to build moral and community.

This year however, Erin has taken her commitment to advocating for mental health to a new level. Erin volunteered her time to bravely speak publicly about her own mental health through her Wellness Department’s Speaker Series, which seeks to create mental health awareness. As a mental health advocate myself, I know the kind of courage and personal strength such a move requires. This is a unique kind of vulnerability and requires a unique kind of bravery. But Erin Morrison is selfless when it comes to helping others, and that is what drives her to take these steps outside of her comfort zone. She is the incarnation of inspiration and fortitude.

In addition to efforts within her work place, Erin has created an online account chronicling her journey to stay physically active and eat well. She has inspired many others this way, and it has become another facet of her quest to increase awareness of mental health and the various means others can use to ensure their own health and happiness. She is someone whose words and actions correlate - and those who know and work with her are energized by her spirit.

It is with great sincerity that I submit this application for Erin to be considered for this award. It is a wonderful opportunity to highlight her important role in the effectiveness of our Police and Emergency services as well as her small - but often very brave - acts of kindness, thoughtful leadership and dedication to her work, her world, and everyone in it.