Erin Cormier

Constable Erin Cormier is a recruiter for the Halton Regional Police Service - her enthusiasm and passion for the profession of law enforcement is palpable. Her desire and drive to recruit and develop the best possible talent is clear to anyone who knows her. Erin goes out of her way, regularly on her own time, to take time to develop programs that will make a difference and help to identify and acquire the best possible talent for the law enforcement profession. 

Erin goes above and beyond her job role, regularly using her spare time to speak and meet with potential candidates, helping them grow and develop. She regularly mentors people to become the best versions of their own self and in turn helps them to grow into the most competitive candidate that they can become. Erin is unassuming and does not seek praise but her quiet hard work has made a lasting impact on numerous people pursuing their dreams of a career in law enforcement and she continues to mentor and grow new officers once they are working on the job.

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