Eligibility Criteria

  • Police hero award nominees must be one of the following – an active sworn/uniform police officer or an employee of a municipal police service in Ontario (such as a 911 Dispatcher, Communications personnel, Court Services personnel, Forensics ID personnel, etc).
  • Please note, as they are not members of the Police Association of Ontario, nominations will NOT be accepted for police officers or civilian police personnel with the Toronto Police or RCMP.
  • Nominations must identify a specific ‘police hero’ to be recognized and identify whether they are a uniform or civilian member of their police service.
  • Nominations must indicate which of the five Police Services Hero of the Year Awards categories they are nominating a 'police hero' for.
  • Nominations must include reference to an occurrence where the 'police hero' has gone above and beyond the call of duty while on the job or in their community. This occurrence must have taken place within ONE calendar year of the nomination, except for the Police Hero Honour Roll Award
  • Nominator must identify themselves in the submission for the purpose of verifying the validity of the content.
  • Nominations must come from members of the public - police personnel cannot nominate each other for these awards.
  • PAO Awards Committee members are ineligible for the Police Services Hero of the Year awards.

*** Please note that there may not always be a winner in every category***