Durham Regional Police K9 Unit (8 Members)

Cst. Wayne King, Cst. Wes King, Cst. Bryan Armstrong, Cst. Jeff Burns, Cst. Corby Wright, Cst. Kevin Dunlop, Cst. Jay Dickson, Cst. Adam Handscomb. I nominate all 8 members of the Durham Regional Police K9 Unit for going above and beyond the call of duty with their Charity K9 Calendars. 2019 will be their 5th year producing and selling their calendars for 3 local charities. Over the last 4 short years this unit has donated more than $126,000.00 CAD to many local Durham Regional charities. 

This unit came up with this idea on their own personal accord and donated their time while off duty to spend their weekends standing at Canadian Tire and other local business selling their self produced calendars in order to give back to their community.

Over the last 5 years, the DRPS K9 Unit has volunteered more than 500 hundred hours of their time outside of work out of the goodness of their own hearts to give back. Every year after their charity calendar sales events wrap up they take a special annual trip to the Ronald McDonald House in Toronto with their K9 Partners to bring smiles and remaining calendars to the families staying there.

This unit has gone out and have done this on their own, this was not something the service asked the unit to do. The handlers of the DRPS K9 unit pride themselves in having a special relationship with their community, they are high risk police officers who spend many hours seeing people at their worst and pride themselves on being individuals who can help give back to peoples lives. They individually take pride in this project and spend countless hours ensuring its success for their charities!

Every year they raise more and sell more calendars. This group of men deserve the utmost credit in knowing that their community sees them, thanks them and supports their efforts for volunteering their own time to give back to the local charities in need.