Detective Constable Michael Mulville - Nomination

I had met Detective Constable Michael Mulville #1412, in August 2015 and not by choice. I can tell you that he knows a lot! But knowledge isn't everything. A true hero believes in what he does and has awesome people skills because he is kind, supportive, sympathetic and is really, really smart. This is Officer Mulville.

In addition, he gave invaluable advice that helped my family, especially myself, to see that we were not alone and that healing and recovery were possible when it seemed like it wasn't during some very dark days.

And last but not least, Mike helped me to overcome my fear of police officers. I now see how important they are to society. They keep us safe and protected. They are shoulders to cry on when no one else is around. They are the ears that listen when no one else can or wants to.  They tell jokes, smile and hurt just like the rest of us. Many times, they are our security blankets and help us sleep better at night. He has no idea he did this.

Thank you for being my hero. I hope you win this award