Derek Foote

Constable Derek Foote of Durham Regional Police is a frontline hero! Derek goes above and beyond in his role. Derek has been an officer for roughly seven years with DRPS. Within the last few years, he has experienced very challenging work and has saved many lives. Derek is a positive role model for any aspiring police officer. He has a passion for helping vulnerable populations and puts others needs before his own. 

Derek has been a hero to so many people in our community and deserves recognition for his work ethic, empathy and perseverance. When attending calls, Derek takes the time to support people who have experienced traumatic events and not only ensures that their safety is a priority, but that their emotional wellbeing is also taken care of. Derek follows through with each call and does this whole heartedly. Derek continues to keep our community safe and will do so for many years to come. I nominate Constable Foote as 2021’s Police Services Hero of the Year!