Dave Drummond (2)

On September 30, 2018, my nephew was stabbed twice in the back during a brawl in our downtown night club scene. From what we were told by the police, the scene was mayhem. Once my nephew realized he had been stabbed, he went up to Officer Drummond and told him. Quickly, the officer got him to the ground and found his wounds. While waiting for the ambulance to arrive, he put his fingers inside the wounds to try and help with the bleeding. And while he was quick with his response, he also took time to keep my nephew calm.

My sister already nominated him but she didn't get in enough detail. At the hospital, it took them many pints of blood and 2.5 hours to stabilize my nephew. Once the surgeon felt comfortable that he was stable, she came out and talked to the family. She told us she thought my nephew was paralyzed when he first came in because he couldn't feel anything, but they later realized he was bottoming out from loss of blood. She said he had only minutes when he got to the hospital...so the time Officer Drummond spent trying to control his bleeding is what actually saved his life. My nephew's one lung was punctured and he ended up losing part of it. But, thanks to Officer Drummond, we still have a son, grandson, brother, nephew, cousin and most importantly a father to his beautiful little girl.

We realize as a first responder, it is their job, but sometimes they go beyond the scope of their job. Officer Drummond - we are forever grateful for your actions and your service.

Please take great consideration in this nomination. Signed, A very grateful Aunt