Dave Drummond

My son was stabbed twice in September 2018. The responding officer was Dave Drummond #13115. Thanks to his quick thinking, my son is still alive. To me, this officer deserves to be nominated. I wrote a letter to the police chief to nominate Officer Drummond and thank him for saving my son...  

"Dear Chief Frederick,

I am writing this letter with sincere appreciation for the officer who acted with a swift and immediate response to a call downtown regarding an altercation, which involved a stabbing.

My name is [name withheld], my son [name withheld] was a victim of a stabbing during a physical brawl on early Sunday morning of September 30, 2018. Amidst the large crowd of people standing by watching and making videos, if not for the officer's and a nurse's attentiveness and quick thinking, my son would have died.

Being a first responder, the officer managed to keep my son calm while using his hands to apply pressure and insert his finger in the wound to stop him from bleeding out. It was a matter of seconds that made the difference in the outcome of my son living or passing away.

I feel that this positive news needs to be recognized during a time that our city is experiencing an increase of negative behaviour.

[Names withheld]."