Dale Fairbarn

I would like to nominate my husband Dale Fairbarn as hero of the year. Dale has been with the South Simcoe Police Service for 30 years - 17 as an officer and 13 with the Auxilary. A career Police Officer; saving lives, consoling families, serving the community, making a difference and finding the ability to stay strong and stand up with the rest. Dale is very dedicated to the job, his partners and the lives in which he made a difference and to the ones who are now part of the memory. Currently off on medical leave fighting the fight, Dale is dedicated in helping others who suffer see there is light at the end of the tunnel.

With greatness comes sacrifice and Dale has suffered with his own mental well-being while doing what he loved the most and that was helping others!
Dale will not let this PTSD work injury get the better of him. He utilizes his new duty belt of knowledge, training and education to helps others to see there is a future and to understand they too do not have to be alone if they reach out. Dale Fairbarn you are my hero and you are still saving lives!