Cst. Todd Bennett (3)

I nominate Officer Todd Bennett of Belleville Police, a year ago my 4 year old daughter starting recognizing emergency vehicles when we went for walks, each time a police vehicle would pass her she would wave, many officers did not wave back which discouraged her, except for Officer Todd Bennett! We were walking home one day and he passed us in the cruiser. My daughter waved and he gave a big wave back! She was over the moon Happy! Then we noticed him reversing and he called us over to his vehicle, he told my daughter how nice it was of her to wave to the police and that they appreciate it more then she knew! He offered her a small teddy bear named Finn whom she takes with her everywhere! His small gesture of kindness while on duty shows that there is still love and compassion and caring with humanity! He has left a lasting impression on my daughter that she has shared with so many others! Thank you Officer Todd Bennett! Your care and kindness as an officer and a human being go above and beyond!