Cst. Todd Bennett

My family would like to nominate Todd Bennett. He's an officer who went far above and beyond his duties as an officer of the law. Last December our family was going through some very strenuous times due to my daughters mental health issues. After losing both her grandparents within three months of each other in 2014 she was left with PTSD and separation anxiety which caused some serious issues. Just before Christmas 2016 CAS became involved and apprehended my grandson, putting him in my custody. Todd was one of the officers on duty that day. As the CAS representative explained the legalities to our family including retaining a lawyer and court dates, Todd asked to speak with her privately. They came back and Todd had requested that the apprehension be just placing my grandson in my care without it being legal. They agreed to that. Because this happened right before Christmas my daughter and grandson were both devastated that they wouldn't be able to be together Christmas day. To our surprise Todd, going way above and beyond - volunteered to come on his own time and stay for an hour Christmas day so my daughter could spend that time with my grandson and give him his gifts. 

Everyone including the CAS worker was teary eyed and we accepted his offer. On Christmas day, Todd came to my daughters not empty handed - but with beautiful gifts for both my daughter and grandson. He also brought all the fixings for breakfast (which he fixed himself) so we spent time together. It was his faith in my daughter that was a turning point for her and she got her son back right after Christmas. I have never seen such a selfless act of human kindness and Todd has a friend for life. There's an 8 year old boy who really believes in a real life Santa now. He's a police officer named Todd Bennett.

Photo: courtesy of Jessica Laws - the Intelligencer