Cst. Scott Dargie (6)

I first met Officer Dargie when he and his band would entertain at my child's then school. I thought, WOW, talented!! Never had I ever seen a member of the Police force in such a capacity. He sings great, loves kid's and protects the citizen's of Oshawa. If my memory maybe serves me correctly, I believe it was after seeing this mega-talent perform that we met again, when he pulled me over for speeding/ lol We chatted a bit at that point. I couldn't have been stopped by a nicer officer.

Scott and I are more acquaintance's than friends. We see one another every now and again. What's amazing is that he remembers people. He always has a beautiful captivating smile that makes you smile too. 

Another time, my boy found a knife in our then front yard, therefore I phoned the D. R. P. S.. We were so pleased that Scott was the officer sent out. He talked to my boy and praised him for such a great job done and doing the right thing. My boy was a hero!! Officer Scott, as the kids refer to him, makes EVERYONE feel special. He has such a presence. Another example of his professionalism is when I was standing post for the Salvation Army during Christmas about 2 years ago, he came over to me and began to chat. He remembered me! Do you know how special and unique that makes a person feel? Scott and I talked between his walking the Oshawa Centre making sure all was under control. He does not put himself above anybody. 

I can't praise him enough. Scott is the first positive experience I ever had with an officer. He is Durham's FINEST. Officer Scott Dargie is the best!!!!!! 

photo courtesy of Durham Now