Cst. Scott Burke, Det. Con. Ann Dempsey & Cst. Alana Duebel

I would like to nominate three officers. I would like to nominate Scott Burke, Stirling/Rawdon; Alana Deubel, Centre Hastings OPP; and Ann Dempsey, Belleville Police Service.

These three individuals represent each service on the Adopt-a-child/Keep Kids Warm campaign. Each year we help low income working families with winter outer wear. We provide snow suits and boots for children in our community, to ensure they have a warm winter. 

These three officers not only help with the shopping, packing and distribution of the snow suits, they are there year round to help with fund raising, running of a non for profit committee, and being part of a team of volunteers. 

This year marks our 30th year of Adopt-a-child, and we have grown from providing 150 snow suits to 1200 children in 2015. 

Each of these officers take their own days off to assist in this well meaning program. Both Alana and Scott know where the need is in their areas, and will assist those families who are reluctant to apply for assistance. Ann, works to ensure we are following the guidelines for the non for profit status we have.

These individuals are part of a team, and give of their time for this worthy cause. Yes, they may have become part of this team, as it was part of their duties, but it has become so much more. Without these three officers, the Prince Edward, Stirling/Rawdon, Centre Hastings and Belleville children may have cold winters.

photo courtesy of the Intelligencer