Cst. Patti Pastorius - 2017 Nominee

PC Pastorius attended my apartment building for a disturbance in the parking lot. It was in the middle of the day and I was just coming home with my two young boys. There were several police cars around and yelling going on. My kids and I were visibly upset by the commotion. Once the incident was difussed this kind young officer asked if she could speak to my boys. She came to our apartment and explained to them that what had gone on had nothing to do with anyone that lived in our building and they didn't have any need to be afraid to live there. She was very kind and told them that her partner was a canine and took the time to answer their questions about her job. She gave them cards with all of Windsor's police dogs on them and the boys really enjoyed the time she spent with them. What a kind and caring officer she is. She was a hero that day for my boys and Windsor Police is lucky to have PC Pastorius.