Cst. Jody Dugas

Constable Dugas is an amazing police officer. She goes out of her way to help people and has been so kind to our family. Our son Graham has always wanted to be a police officer. He has Aspergers Syndrome, contributing to information processing delays, which would preclude him from being an officer. However, Constable Dugas got to know Graham while he was doing the PEACE course. She so kindly set up a meeting with a recruiting officer to talk through the demands of being a police officer with Graham and then immediately following that, with the head of HR to talk to Graham all about other important and interesting jobs he might consider down the road to support police officers. This was SO helpful, so appreciated and meant so much to Graham. Constable Dugas has also involved Graham in different volunteering activities in the community. She is such a positive, friendly person and has been so incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. Being a police officer is obviously what she is meant to be doing and she is outstanding at it. We nominate Constable Jody Dugas, she is definitely a police hero to our family.

(photos courtesy of Inside Halton and HRPS)