Cst. Jared Moore - Ontario Provincial Police

Provincial Constable Jared Moore, of the Upper Ottawa Valley OPP detachment, was off duty on February 24th 2024, on a family walk on the shore of Round Lake in Killaloe, ON.

A snowmobile sunk in open water with the operator unable to escape from the frigid water.  Without hesitation for his safety, he ran out to the victim and began to facilitate a rescue.  The operators husband joined Mr Moore in facilitating the rescue and slipped into the water himself.  Mr. Moore was able to rescue both snowmobile operators, who were transported to hospital.

Mr. Moore later attended the hospital and transported both victims back to the site, some 55 miles away and assisted them in loading their equipment for their journey home.

Mr. Moore’s selfless act, compassion and follow-up care on his own time, exemplifies what it means to give of one’s self to the community for the betterment of others.  That, in my view, is going the extra mile.

The Ontario Provincial Police are lucky to have him in their service.